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  • 2012-08-28 11:16:05  (Views:153)

Mobile Internet Changing Marketing Means; CE Dongli Leading the SMEs to “Touch” Mobile Marketing

CE Dongli, as the authority leading website construction for 13 years, held the large speaking tour “New Standard for Enterprise Websites; Mobile Internet in New Era” in Yingkou, Liaoning on August 23rd, 2012. This is another activity about enterprise E-commerce following the ones held in Tianjin and Jinan, aiming at introducing the latest trend of mobile internet to the massive SMEs and helping them to carry our mobile marketing in order to win market opportunities. More than 100 persons from a great number of the SMEs and attended this event, which achieved good responses. 


“No Moving, No Marketing”—this view has immersed in people’s daily life. Statistics show that the number of global mobile phone users in 2012 has reached 4.5 billion, with a coverage of 65.7%; and the number in China has exceeded 1 billion…With the rising of mobile internet, the popularity of smart phones, tablet PCs and other mobile terminal devices, the improvement of 3G internet environment, and the strengthening of mobile terminal media, the strong force of mobile internet will surely soon penetrate into enterprises’ business activities. Meanwhile, mobile marketing reflects differentiated value and makes it more and more possible to realize precision marketing.  


It is learned from the activity that in the face of such a huge market of mobile internet, CE Dongli, which is committed to help China's SMEs to realize E-commerce operation, took the lead to put forward the new standard of enterprise websites. With innovative concept and in-depth utilizing of e-commerce application, CE Dongli promoted the landmark product for enterprise website construction—Ztouch. It filled the blank in the market of mobile 3G enterprise websites. As more and more people are surfing on the internet with cell phones, enterprise website construction on mobile phones became more and more important. Ztouch can be applied to both computers and cell phones, so it brings the SMEs 700 million potential customers.


It is said that on Ztouch’s cloud platform, which was created by CE Dongli with heavy investment, the SMEs can set up their enterprise official websites that fit people’s browsing habits on cell phones with touch screens. They can carry out mobile marketing with low-cost means. CE Dongli helps the SMEs show their corporate images, spread business information, deal with potential clients and manage website operation at any time anywhere. They can really “Master My Business Anytime Anywhere.”


During the activity, persons in charge from CE Dongli said that enterprise websites are the base for the SMEs to carry out internet marketing, and the enterprise websites tailored for smart phones are the foundation. Faced with the huge opportunities of mobile internet, CE Dongli accelerates the SMEs to improve their competitiveness and seize opportunities of mobile marketing.

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